Testimonials – Noodles are Key

Here at JSL, we are all about the Noodle! Here are a few more testimonials surrounding the versatility and popularity of our favorite Asian meal staple:

• “People everywhere love noodles — not just Japanese, but also Koreans, Chinese, and now, more and more — Americans.”
Ken KusakabeT.I.C. Restaurant Group Partner

• “Asians have the same feeling about their noodles that the Italians have about pasta — and now Americans have the bug, too.”
Drey RoxasPalencia chef

• “Ramen from Japan, pho from Vietnam and dan dan mein from China — Noodle dishes are the soul food of Asia. They’re comforting, filling, healthful, and best of all, they’re cheap. Lucky for us, Asian noodle joints are popping up everywhere, taking the humble noodle mainstream.”
Andrew KnowltonBon Appe’tit magazine

• “Asian trends fit into the overall comfort trend and people’s need for filling, less expensive foods. And, because Asian flavors have started to populate American menus, it makes perfect sense that noodle dishes have evolved from our love of American mac-and-cheese and Italian pasta.”
Darren TristanoExecutive Vice President, Technomic Inc., Chicago

So, go grab a bowl of your favorite noodles today!
Testimonials – Noodles are Key