R&D Support

expertise & innovation

Our Product Development and Culinary Team has the expertise to bring value to your next project! We strive to deliver innovation that supports your needs, attributes, and production processes. This commitment has earned JSL Foods its reputation for category leadership.

Birth of a noodle AT JSL


Golden Wheat Fields

Let’s start from the very beginning - we work with farmers who grow consistent, high protein wheat to give our noodles that perfect bite.


Custom Flour

For decades, we’ve partnered closely with local mills to craft a proprietary blend of flour - the base for each culinary adventure!


Small Batch Testing

Your needs are unique to you! Our Research & Development team prepares small batch samples to ensure you are happy with your noodle masterpiece.


Authentic Equipment

No matter your preparation preferences, our specialized equipment is set to match your spec for uniform production.


Transporting Dreams

Whatever your business is, we know you work hard to achieve success. Each shipment we make is in service to your vision.


Happy Customers

Here’s to your customers! May they eat up and come back for more.