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A Legacy of Custom Food Manufacturing

JSL Foods is a family-owned, people-first business, that has been
manufacturing Asian food in the United States for four generations.

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Family-Owned Business

Otoichi and Kume Kawana, both immigrants from Japan, open the Yamasa Fish Cake Company in California. They manufacture and sell traditional Japanese fishcakes (surimi).
Frank Kawana, the fifth child of Otoichi and Kume, founds JSL Foods in Los Angeles. He begins producing Asian Noodles, Wrappers and Cookies. The Kawana family is involved with both manufacturing businesses.
JSL begins manufacturing Twin Dragon cookies at its Commerce plant location. This item would become a staple of Asian grocery stores for the next 50 years.
JSL’s first Noodle line is installed. This machine would go on to produce more than 30 million pounds for noodle-lovers all over the United States.
JSL releases its first Japanese yakisoba noodle item under the “Laughing Buddha” Fortune Brand.
JSL ramps up production at its Lincoln Heights location. Today, this plant is responsible for producing Asian Noodles, Pasta, and Grains.
JSL launches its Amber Farms brand, which is devoted to manufacturing authentic Italian pasta and custom American cookies. Today the brand offers many Non-GMO and Gluten Free options.
Between 1991-1993, many of JSL’s classic Noodle, Wrapper and Cookie recipes are developed by its in-house Research & Development team. The original recipes are captured in these notebooks, which are still preserved today.
JSL perfects its Twin Dragon gyoza, egg roll and wonton formula – proudly introducing the first non-GMO formula to the marketplace. The products allow for crisp texture, even browning and small bubbles.
Teiji Kawana, Frank Kawana’s eldest son, assumes the presidency of JSL Foods – leading the company into its 3rd generation of family ownership.
JSL opens its third plant location on Indiana Street in Los Angeles.
JSL’s lovable Chef Yaki joins the team as a voice for innovative cooking and creative fusion concepts. As he always says, “There are no rules to stir fry!”
JSL opens its fourth manufacturing plant and the first location outside of California in Houston, Texas..