JSL Foods is an experienced custom foods manufacturer. Our commitment to market trend research and a strong R&D department has made us a market leader in quality and innovation. We bring additional value through product quality, food safety, and quality control processes.  As consumers continue to request creative Asian food – with flavor, variety, convenience and health-attributes – the JSL Professional brand delivers on all levels.

Our Product Development and Culinary Team has the expertise to bring value to your next project!

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Custom Capabilities

We strive to deliver innovation that supports your needs, products and Production Processes.  This commitment has earned JSL Foods its reputation for category leadership. We deliver the right solution for your product requirements and provide formula choices that address your desired attributes.

What We Offer

Innovative JSL Professional Formulas: Authentic, Added Protein, Omega-3 fortified, Whole Grain, Natural, Cholesterol free, MSG-free, Non-GMO Verified, Organic, Gluten Free and Plant-based

Preparation Choices: Pasteurized, Frozen and Quick Frozen

Size Options: We can meet your requirements for individual portions and bulk

Production: Custom equipment and advanced technology to ensure quality and consistency

Our goal is to bring value and WOW to your R&D projects!


JSL Foods is a national leader in pre-cooked and quick-frozen noodles and pasta. As innovators in portion sizing, we produce quick frozen nests and bricks to meet all your size and weight specifications. Perfect for skillet and salad kits, deli specialties, and refrigerated or frozen meals, JSL Professional noodles and pasta are also available RTE, pasteurized or slow frozen, and in a variety of bulk sizes.

What We Offer

Asian Noodles: Yakisoba, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Ramen, Soba Buckwheat, Rice Noodles, Udon and Green Tea Noodles

Pasta: Linguine, Fettuccine, Spaghetti and Pappardelle

Ask us about our plant-based protein noodles and pasta, custom Japanese production equipment, and proprietary flour blends. We create specialized, in-house formulas designed to deliver custom solutions that meet your preferred texture (“bite”) with consistency.

Noodles – a 3000-year-old food that continues to reinvent itself

Rice & Grains

JSL Foods specializes in a wide variety of Rice and Grains, which can be precooked and blended with seasoning, vegetables and/or fruit. JSL Professional processes can influence and extend refrigerated shelf life up to 90 days, or more with RTE options. Our R&D Department is excellent at customizing your SKU to meet your requirements.

What We Offer

Rice: Long Grain White, Brown, Basmati, Jasmine, Multi-Grain and Fried Rice

Grains: Quinoa, Barley, Sorghum, and more

We can produce pasteurized and frozen products, as well as Natural and Gluten Free options.

Pre-cooked Gluten Free rice and grains offer a healthy addition to any meal kit item. Available in bulk of convenient portion sizing

Bring healthy options to your customers – fits any cuisine type


JSL Foods is the industry leader in quality custom wrapper solutions. Our extensive ingredient knowledge and innovative technology uniquely allow us to meet customers’ nutritional, size and formula requirements. All JSL Professional solutions are designed for workability, low oil absorption, holding power, even browning and small bubbles. JSL Foods also represents the Tee Yih Jia (TYJ) company in the United States. TYJ is a quality, global leader and sells under the Spring Home brand.

What We Offer

Attributes: Organic, Vegan, Natural, Whole Wheat, Non-GMO Verified, and Egg and Non-egg formulas

JSL Foods also represents the Tee Yih Jia (TYJ) company in the United States

Product Types: Won Ton, Egg Roll, Gyoza, Shu Mai, Empanada and Rangoon

Spring Home Products: Spring Rolls, Roti Paratha, Peking Duck (Moo Shu) and Dim Sum

We never compromise on quality, taste or texture. Wrappers are a blank canvas that deliver on flavor, texture and fun.

Trust JSL Professional Products to deliver on customization and quality