Look to JSL Foods for your kitchen-ready solutions and Asian Fusion ideation. Our JSL Professional Products make it easy to include authentic Asian and Asian fusion to your menu. We deliver a wide range of items to meet your preparation requirements. Products are manufactured in portion or bulk sizes and are expressly developed for BOH convenience and ease of preparation.

Let us put WOW on your menu through innovation and culinary expertise – Asian Fusion build traffic and influence a high “Draw” score

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Asian Noodles & Pasta

At JSL, we are all about the noodle. In fact, our Japanese Yakisoba – prepared to this day with our custom flour blend – was our very first product offering. Since then, we have continued to innovate on our versatile pre-cooked noodles to bring you better operator convenience, reduced prep time, consistent texture and quality. Noodles are excellent flavor carriers for creative entrees, sides and recovery dishes.

What We Offer

Asian Noodles: Yakisoba, Ramen, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Soba Buckwheat, Rice Noodles, Udon and Green Tea Noodles

Pasta: Linguine, Fettuccine, Spaghetti, Pappardelle, and Short Goods Pasta

Preparation: Pasteurized, frozen and quick-frozen

Attributes: Organic, Natural ingredients, Whole Wheat, Non-GMO Verified options, and plant-based protein noodles

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Seek Slurpability!

Rice & Grains

JSL Foods has taken the time, fuss and waste out of preparing rice and grains. We offer pre-cooked, pre-blended, bulk frozen, and pasteurized products to help extend your shelf life and reduce kitchen complexity. Meet your guests’ nutritional needs with Gluten Free Fried Rice, 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice, or Brown Fried Rice with Red Quinoa and Edamame (NEW). Let us pre-blend your rice and grains with seasoning and vegetables to reduce stress.

What We Offer

BOH friendly Rice: Long Grain White, Black, Brown, Basmati, Jasmine, Multi-Grain and Fried Rice

BOH friendly Grains: Quinoa, Barley, Sorghum, and more

Pre-cooked Gluten Free rice adds variety to any menu without additional cook time, labor or special equipment. From rice bowls to enticing side dishes, our products are ready to heat and serve in just minutes. Available in bulk or convenient portion sizing.

Bowl Friendly!


Our wrappers are designed to deliver superior workability, low oil absorption, extended holding power, even-browning, and small bubbles. Won Tons, Egg Rolls, and Gyoza are on-trend and fit the menu demand for portability, small plate variety and flavor. JSL Professional products facilitate BOH production and can be pre-filled and held overnight. JSL also provides Spring Home brand wrappers.

What We Offer

Attributes: Organic, Vegan, Natural, Whole Wheat, Non-GMO Verified, and Egg and Non-egg formulas

Twin Dragon Product Types: Won Ton, Egg Roll, Gyoza, Shu Mai, Empanada and Rangoon

Spring Home Products: Spring Rolls, Roti Paratha, Peking Duck (Moo Shu) and Dim Sum

Customize to your needs and create flavorful and diverse handhelds, including Won Ton chips and Italian Beef Won Ton Ravioli. With these options, the fusion menu ideas are endless.

Workable and refrigerated to reduce kitchen loss


Set the standard with Twin Dragon individually wrapped almond cookies – always a great way to end a meal. The quality standard, preferred taste, and appearance of Twin Dragon’s “pink box” cookies has a 50+ year history. Moreover, they can be used as an ingredient to transform and elevate signature menu items – try it out as a flavorful pie crust or in mixed with panko to elevate Mahi Mahi.

What We Offer

Attributes: No Cholesterol, No Corn Syrup

Product Types: Premium and Diced Almond Cookies, plus custom cookie manufacturing capabilities

The possibilities for consumer’s first choice premium Asian cookies are endless. Serve Twin Dragon with all your Asian influenced entrees as a special treat and let JSL Professional take care of the bulk packing for you.

We never compromise on quality, taste or texture. Wrappers are a blank canvas that deliver on flavor, texture and fun.



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