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JSL Foods is a 3rd generation Asian family business that has provided leadership and innovation in the noodle category since 1951.

Our customizable solutions go above and beyond standard product needs. As an innovated company focused on foodservice meal solutions, we combine science and creativity to formulate transformative on-trend menu options that can make your restaurant stand out.

Whether you’re in the need of a certain noodle texture or an on-trend plant-based noodle protein option, our extensive and experienced R&D team is here to enhance your operation.

That is our promise to you!

Meeting The Demand For Plant-Based Protein Options That Are Organic,
Non-GMO and Gluten Free

At JSL Foods, we are committed to making plant-based eating more accessible for foodservice operators allowing them to meet consumer demand for new proteins.


Hungry for Menu Inspiration!

Explore The World Of Asian Cuisine By Partnering With JSL Foods To Meet The Demands Of Your Customers.

As a leader in custom food manufacturing, we bring additional value through culinary solutions, product quality, and food safety.

Simple content
Authentic, Protein Enriched, Plant-Based, Flavor Infused, Fortified Whole Grain, Gluten Free and Non-GMO.
Preparation Choices:
Fresh, Fresh Pasteurized, Frozen and Quick Frozen.
Size Options:
Individually Portioned or Bulk.
Custom Flours to Meet Desired Noodle Attributes and Appearance.

Our R&D and culinary team have the expertise and experience to bring “WOW” to your next customize project!


When implementing a take-out menu offering noodles, you need the best noodle possible to protect the quality of your offering while maintaining the integrity of your restaurant.

Let JSL Foods be your partner in delivering your restaurant experience to your customers no matter where they dine!

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