Ginger Seafood Ramen
Courtesy Chef Robert Danhi
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8  oz. Fortune Udon Noodles - Garlic Chicken Flavor
2  oz. Smashed ginger
3   Scallions, chopped
1  Tbsp. Sriracha (optional for spicy)
3   Cooked, peeled, tail off shrimp
2  oz. Cooked salmon, bite-sized pieces
1  oz. Crab meat
2  tsp. Pickled ginger, julienned
1/4  cup Fresh spinach leaves
1  Tbsp. Scallions, shaved
  Lemon slices, garnish
1/2  cup Boiling water


1) Soup:
2) Whisk Garlic Chicken Noodles base with boiling water, smashed ginger and scallions, lower and simmer for 3 minutes. Strain.
3) Optional Spicy: Add Sriracha 1 Tbsp. for every 1 cup of soup.
4) Bowl:
5) Prepare noodles per package instructions.
6) Arrange spinach in bottom of bowl.
7) Heat noodles and add to bowls.
8) Arrange shrimp, salmon and crab.
9) Add broth until it comes up just to the top of the noodles.
10) Top with ginger and shaved scallions.
11) Serve with slice of lemon.