Pork Belly Miso Soyu Ramen
Courtesy Chef Robert Danhi
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4  oz. Fortune Ramen Noodles - Pork Miso Flavor
2  oz. Pork Belly, large slices 1/4"
1   Poached or Soft Boiled Egg
1  Tbsp. Shaved Scallions -- rinsed in cold water
2  oz. Optional Vegetables -- Bamboo Shoots, cooked spinach, cookd asparagus
1/2  cup Water


1) Heat noodles according to package instructions and add to bowls. Add water into Pork Ramen base and boil.
2) Warm Pork Belly slices gently in bowl separate from broth bowl.
3) Add broth to bowls until it comes up just to the top of the noodles.
4) Arrange vegetable, egg and shaved scallions.
5) Option: Add suggested vegetables.