Custom Capabilities

We strive to deliver innovation that supports your needs, products and equipment.  It is this commitment that has earned JSL Foods a reputation for category leadership.  Our approach is focused and dedicated to delivering the right products for your project.  Additionally, we provide formula choices that address consumer trends, customer needs and a quality product.

Innovative Formulas . . . Authentic, protein enriched, flavor infused, Omega-3 fortified, whole grain, natural, cholesterol free, MSG free and GMO free.   

  • Preparation Choices  . . . Pasteurized, Frozen and Quick Frozen
  • Size Options  . . . We can meet your requirements for Individual portions and bulk
  • Custom Flour blends to meet desired noodle attributes and appearance.
  • Custom Production Equipment . . .Advanced technology to ensure quality and consistency

Our goal is to bring solutions, value and WOW to your R&D projects.