JSL Foods is the industry leader in creating quality custom wrapper solutions.  Our extensive ingredient knowledge and innovative technology delivers a unique ability to produce wrappers that meet customer's specialized nutritional, size and formula requirements.  We meet nutritional needs, taste and bite by offering attributes that include egg, Vegan, natural, whole wheat and GMO free formulas.  Wrappers are designed for workability, low oil absorption, holding power, even browning and small bubbles.

Whatever wrapper attributes you want to engineer, JSL Foods is ready to provide solutions. We are committed to meeting your needs in a quality finished product.  We never compromise on quality, taste or texture.

JSL Foods represents the Tee Yih Jia (TYJ) company in the United States.  TYJ is a global quality leader in specialized wrappers products including Spring Rolls, Roti Paratha and Peking Duck (Moo Shu).  Products are easy to use with superior workability.  Finished products deliver on presentation, texture and versatility.  TYJ products are sold in the United States under the Spring Home Brand.

JSL Professional Products - Won Ton, Egg Roll, Gyoza, Shu Mai, Empanada and Rangoon . . . plus whole wheat formulas

Spring Home (TYJ) -- Spring Rolls, Roti Paratha, Moo Shu and Dim Sum 

Wrappers are a blank canvas that delivers on flavor, texture and fun.