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Fortune Asian noodles provide schools with the highest quality products available. Our Whole Wheat Yakisoba products comply with the new USDA 51% Whole Grain requirements for the NSLP.  Our noodles are the same products used in the best restaurants meeting the high nutritional requirements for schools.


The Fortune pre-cooked 51% Whole Wheat Yakisoba Noodles maintains the integrity of the traditional Yakisoba in noodle flavor and texture.  The Whole Wheat Yakisoba Noodles and the Whole Wheat Yakisoba Noodle Kits with low sodium Teriyaki Sauce pouch, are made with customized ingredients, whole wheat and packed in convenient 5 lbs. bags. The noodles are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol or MSG.  The pre-cooked noodles can be menued as Yakisoba, Lo Mein or Chow Mein. Preparation methods allow for versatility with baking, boiling and stir fry choices.  The easy preparation allows for less time and labor with great hold ability to deliver a delicious, authentic dish to students who deserve only the best.


Fortune extends its whole grain line of products to rice with bulk Brown and specially formulated Brown Fried Rice. Both are gluten free and deliver on texture and taste.  They are pre-cooked for ease in prep and labor efficiency.

Fortune's products are versatile, health focused, value priced and convenient.  Fortune noodles are what student's crave.