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On-trend and versatile for today's Asian and Asian fusion cooking.  JSL Foods' range of wrappers fill the menu demand for portability, small plate variety and flavor.  It is today's hottest food trend steeped in centuries of tradition.

Twin Dragon Wrappers (Won Ton/Egg Roll/Gyoza (Potstickers) - are specially designed to facilitate BOH production and are perfect for fusion applications.  Choose from our traditional egg formula or the new, VEGAN, GMO-Free formula  . . .  and NEW Whole Wheat Wrappers.  

Our wrappers are designed to deliver superior workability, low oil absorption, extended holding power as well as even browning and small bubbles.  Our Vegan formula wrappers are able to be pre-filled and hold beautifully overnight.   

Spring Home Wrappers (Spring Rolls, Roti Paratha and Moo Shu) are the highest quality and a global leader. Spring Roll wrappers are available in six different diameters.  Or select one of our specialty wrappers like our Roti Paratha or Peking Duck (Moo Shu).

Create flavorful and diverse handhelds, specialty Won Ton chips or use in place of pasta for easy to make raviolis. The fusion menu ideas are endless.

The strong product attributes of workability and holding power influence reduced kitchen loss plus increase food quality.