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We are all about the noodle.  JSL Foods' first product was a Japanese Yakisoba Noodles. We continue to innovate with versatile pre-cooked noodles that are produced in a multitude of ways for creative cooking and convenience.

Fortune is the national leader in pre-cooked Asian noodles.  Our pre-cooked format reduces prep and cook time while providing product consistency.  A custom flour blend ensures quality and preferred texture. Fortune noodles are available as Yakisoba, Chow Mein, Lo Mein, Whole Wheat Yakisoba, Udon, Rice Noodles and Ramen. Noodles are produced in bulk and portion sizes and are available as pasteurized, frozen and quick frozen.

Noodles provide a wonderful platform for creative entrees, sides and recovery dishes.  Our noodles are excellent flavor carriers that can be used in both authentic and fusion dishes.  Culinary recipe support includes fusion ideas like BBQ Pulled Pork stir fry, Buffalo Chicken stir fry, and a Garlic Noodle Steak Bed. Ramen and Udon soups are easy to personalize with your BOH ingredients.  It is easier than you think to create Asian influenced dishes.

With Fortune there are no rules, only great noodles with endless menu options.