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Set the standard with Twin Dragon individually wrapped or bulk Asian cookies.  Consumer's First Choice for premium Asian cookies.

Almond Cookies are a great way to end a meal.  Add Twin Dragon almond cookies and you enhance every meal with the leading national almond cookie brand.  It is the quality standard with a preferred taste and appearance.

Twin Dragon Fortune Cookies are a must for any traditional Asian meal.  With just a hint of vanilla, they offer a fun, tasty way to end a perfect meal.

What's more, use Twin Dragon cookies as an ingredient to create special signature menu items.  Straight from the box for a flavorful pie crust or topping, enhance a panko crusted Mahi-Mahi or Popcorn Shrimp.  Let us show you the many ways to transform your menu items into customer demanded specialties. 

Serve Twin Dragon cookies with all of your Asian influenced entrees as a special side treat.