Look to JSL Foods for market ready products.  Our Twin Dragon, Fortune, Spring Home and JSL Professional Products make it easy to include authentic Asian and Asian fusion to your menu.  We deliver a wide range of products to meet your menu requirements.

Products are developed for BOH convenience and ease in preparation.  Products are manufactured in portion or bulk sizes.

Asian Noodles and Pasta - pre-cooked for operator convenience, consistent texture and quality.  Our noodles are available as pasteurized, frozen or quick frozen.  JSL Foods noodle and pasta formulas can be both traditional or innovative.  Choices include natural ingredients, whole wheat, GMO free and infused flavors.

Asian Rice Products - an expanded line fills today's customer needs with pre-cooked, bulk -- frozen or pasteurized for extended shelf life.

Asian Wrappers - produced in egg and non-egg formulas offer BOH benefits to speed your operation and reduce waste.  Customize to your needs.

Asian Cookies - The Twin Dragon "pink box" cookies are the consumer sought after premium Asian cookies. 

Let JSL Foods be your resource for Asian culinary and fusion ideas on your menu!