So easy and convenient to prepare.  Our all natural Fortune brown rice and fried rice are pre-cooked and steamed to perfection.  They make an ideal side dish or base for a mouth watering meal.  We have taken all of the work out of making fluffy, tasty and delicious rice.  And they are microwavable. 

Try our Natural Brown Rice and our Natural Fried Rice with edamame, egg and vegetables already included.  And they are good for the whole family.  Gluten free, no cholesterol and never any MSG.

Be creative and have fun.

From rice bowls to enticing side dishes.  Fortune pre-cooked rice ensures consistent quality and great taste - ready to heat and serve in just minutes.  A welcome addition to any meal.

NEW Pre-Cooked Brown Rice & Quinoa
Pack Size: 8 oz./2 servings