Asian Cookies

Twin Dragon Almond Cookies  . . . now with premium ingredients.

Same great taste and texture . . . plus no Cholesterol, no Corn Syrup and Kosher.  Most of all, they are craveable and delicious with only 7 grams of sugar per serving.

Improved Value . . . New 12 oz. package replaces 8 oz. package at about the same price.  It just doesn't get better than that.

Improved Packaging  . . . New inter-pack protects cookies from breaking.  Individually wrapped cookies keep cookies fresh after the box has been opened.

Twin Dragon Fortune Cookies  . . . As always, we use quality ingredients in our Fortune cookie recipe.  Our Fortune cookies have a fresh taste with a hint of vanilla to give you the perfect snack anytime.  Our cookies are individually wrapped to maintain quality and freshness.

Find Twin Dragon cookies in the dry, Asian section of your grocer.

Recipe ideas:  Crushed Twin Dragon Almond cookies can be used out of the box for a flavorful pie crust or part of a strudel topping or blend with Panko bread crumbs for an Almond cookie crusted Mahi-Mahi or popcorn Shrimp or blend with vanilla ice cream for an amazing milkshake.

NEW PACKAGE -- Fortune Cookies
Pack Size: 2.75 oz.
NEW PACKAGE -- Premium Almond Cookies
Pack Size: 12 oz.